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Parasail Safety 101 in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

Parasail Safety 101

Any kind of activity involving boats, the Gulf, or heights may pose certain safety challenges, but at Chute for the Skye, safety is our number one priority. As the premiere parasailing company in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama and Perdido Key, Florida since 2010, we have a 100% safety record. Still, we encourage our guests to educate themselves before parasailing with us, or any other parasailing company.

Chute for the Skye Parasailing Fleet and Crew

All the boats in the Chute for the Skye fleet are certified by the United States Coast Guard, and all of our captains are United States Coast Guard-licensed Masters who have logged hundreds of hours of guided flights. Every crew member is trained in all aspects of parasailing. In fact, feel free to quiz our team and make sure we know our stuff! We want you to ask questions! Prior to going up, up and away, our team will brief you to ensure you know exactly what to expect from lift off to landing, as well we what to do if anything unexpected comes up.

Many of the accidents in other destinations that visitors hear of are caused by faulty or worn equipment. Chute for the Skye only uses state-of-the-art equipment that is thoroughly checked each day, meticulously maintained and replaced whenever necessary. Before your trip, we encourage you to visually inspect your equipment and report anything that may look weathered or worn.

Weather is also key for an uneventful parasailing trip. Our parasailing crew will continuously monitor weather for any unfavorable conditions including high wind speed, visibility and choppy water. If there are any questions about weather conditions, rest assured your safety comes first, and our captains are highly trained for any conditions.

Our Gulf Shores and Orange Beach parasail trips have an average altitude of 400 feet. This height allows you to maintain easy communication with the captain and stay at a safe distance from the boat and water. You will get an amazing experience while still staying within an optimal distance of our team.

It is estimated between 3 and 5 million people enjoy parasailing each year and accidents are very rare. Choosing a reputable company with an impeccable safety record is key in delivering a high-flying adventure that you’ll enjoy!

If you have more questions about safety protocols at Chute for the Skye, don’t hesitate to contact our team or to call in advance at (251) 979-2475.

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