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Breathtaking Beaches

Orange Beach and Gulf Shores have some of the most stunning coastline in the Southeast.

Teeming with wildlife of all kinds, these white beaches are the dividing line between the Alabama mainland and the the Gulf of Mexico. Sand, dunes, and swaying grasses are the building blocks of this place, and there is a certain timeless allure to these elements — that attraction is clear when we see how many of our visitors come back.
And the beaches are only the half of it. Most are happy to discover that because the Gulf of Mexico lies just north of the Equator its waters are seasonally heated and some of the warmest in the world. They’re also relatively calm compared to the rough waves of the Atlantic and Pacific thanks to the protection of the Florida panhandle.

For decades this 32 mile stretch of beach was one of the region’s best kept secrets, but in recent years it’s become a major tourist attraction inspiring an explosion of growth. Thanks to this surge in development visitors will find more than enough affordable lodging opportunities as well as a huge variety of seaside activities. If sandcastles and sunbathing don’t cut it, there are multiple marinas that offer charter fishing, parasailing rides, kayak rentals, pontoon boat rentals, paddle boards and more.

It’s important to Chute for the Skye Parasail that our visitors enjoy themselves, make lasting memories, and get a chance to see the beauty of this place. We want you to build a sandcastle, hang with friends, play volleyball, chase a seagull or two, and let yourself spend a few days like a kid again. Because that’s what our beaches are for. And when the day is done and night comes, go take a walk. Listen to the waves and let your worries drift away.

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